Upon obtaining my BEng (Hons) in EEE with a Minor in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University in 2010, I joined DSO National Laboratories, Singapore's defense research organization, as a Research Engineer. In my 5 years at DSO, I've worked on and developed machine vision algorithms for airborne systems, and delivered image processing and analysis tools for the airforce. 2013 marked an important turning point for me when I was awarded the DSO Postgraduate Scholarship, in recognition of my contributions to the organization, and an opportunity to further my studies at UIUC. Currently, I am working in Professor Minh Do's Computational Imaging Group, focused on image and signal processing with deep neural networks.

Research Interests

Signal Processing, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning


Current Projects

* indicates equal contribution

Teaching Experience

  • ECE398BD - Big Data (Spring 2016)
  • ECE310/311 - Digital Signal Processing (Fall 2016, Spring 2017)
  • ECE544 - Pattern Recognition (Fall 2017)

Professional Experience


2018 June - 2018 Dec

DSO National Laboratories

2010 – Present (On study leave since Aug 2015)
Senior Member of Technical Staff
Computer Vision Researcher, Systems Engineer
  • Object detection, recognition and tracking
  • Vision based navigation
  • Image and Video analysis
  • Heterogeneous Computing
  • 3D Visualization and Simulation

Clinical Brain Lab @ NTU

Research Assistant / 2009-2010
fMRI/MRI Image Analysis